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Please fill out this from if you have a concern that you feel the City should be aware of, such as a City Code Violation.  

Please note that all required fields, noted by an asterisk (*), must be completed before the City of Lonsdale will investigate any potential City Code Violation.

For immediate concerns (animal issues, reckless driving, intoxicated person(s), fire hazards, noise, air quality, etc.), please call the Police Department at 507-744-2300.

Please read the Data Privacy Advisory, prior to submitting this form.

This form will be sent to the Lonsdale Police Department.


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Vehicle/RV/Trailer Parking & Storage: On-Street Parking
Off-Street Parking
Tall Grass and/or Weeds: Height over 8 inches
Excess Weeds
Noxious Weeds
Nuisances - Affecting Health: Outdoor accumulation or storage of garbage, trash, refuse, recyclables
Storage of yard waste not contained in water-tight plastic or metal containers
Accumulation of garbage, trash, yard waste or refuse not stored inside the dwelling unit
Garbage can location
Nuisances - Affecting Peace & Safety: All snow and ice not removed from public sidewalks within 24 hours
Any obstruction and/or excavations affecting the general public or constituting a hazard
All obnoxious noises in violation of Minn. Rules Ch. 7030
Nuisances - Causing Blight: Household furnishings and appliances
Construction materials, scrap lumber, tools, hardware
Firewood storage
Buildings or structures
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