Kalina Park

General Info


  • 669 Pond View Drive SE


  • 18 acres


Kalina Park was named in recognition of the previous land owners, Richard and Deloris Kalina.  Kalina Park was platted as “Outlot F” along with the 2003 Willow Creek Heights 2nd Addition plat.  In June 2011, the City of Lonsdale secured 1.1 additional acres (4 lots) of land along Pond View Drive SE to provide better public access to the park.  The park land and grass trails were graded in late 2011 by Rud Construction (donation).  In 2015, land was secured by the City to provide a southern connection to the Rezac Nature Preserve along with an easement over the wetland, stormwater pipe, and drainage ditch located directly south of the existing park.

Site Amenities & Features

  • Grass trails and mowed open space areas (2011)
  • Play equipment (2013)
  • Off-street gravel parking lot (2013)
  • Wooden bridge (2013)
  • Trees around play area and parking lot (2013)
  • Concrete border around play area (2014)
  • Park benches and picnic tables (2014)
  • Bituminous trail (2014)
  • Park identification sign (2014)
  • Wetland enhancement/deeper water level (2011 & 2015)

Future Improvments

  • Plant additional trees throughout the site
  • Fix the overflow structure between the Willow Creek Drive wetland and the main Park wetland
  • Construct a picnic shelter/restrooms near the play area and parking lot
  • Construct smaller picnic areas with permanent grills along the grass trails
  • Pave a bituminous trail around the main wetland from Pond View Drive SE to Willow Creek Dr. SE
  • Connect a new grass or paved trail to the Rezac Nature Preserve and to the Historic Trondhjem Lutheran Church
  • Obtain future parkland, through park dedication, as the Willow Creek neighborhood expands southward and eastward
  • Pave to existing gravel parking lot
  • Determine the feasibility and desirability of adding a disc-golf course within the park
  • Install fitness equipment course within the park and along the trails
  • Construct permanent restroom facilities
  • Review the life-cycle of park equipment for re-use