Compost Site


With the site improvements completed at Sticha Park over the last several years, its location and construction of the Lonsdale Business Park, the compost site located at Sticha Park has been closed.  The new compost site is open and located at 7480 Garfield Ave.  Access to the site is via Highway 19 east to Garfield Ave.  The site is located approximately 1/3 of a mile south of Hwy 19.  Where the pavement ends, turn right and follow the signage to the left.  Effective immediately, all compost material must be brought to the new site.  The only materials that are acceptable to be disposed of at the compost site are:  branches/brush, yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves and compostable garden vegetation.  Items not accepted include: plastic products such as bags, edging, dirt, rock, concrete, etc.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following the rules.  Any questions relating to the compost site should be directed to Public Works at (507) 744-2397.