What is the Post Office Contact Info?

  • Lonsdale Post Office - 108 Railway Street NW - 507-744-2825

 Where can I get vehicle tabs and renew my driver's license?

  • Deputy Registrar & Driver's License Agent - 1101 First Street SE - New Prague (16 miles from Lonsdale)
  • Deputy Registrar & Driver's License Agent & Exam Station - 1105 West Division Street - Faribault (17 miles)
  • Deputy Registrar & Driver's License Agent - 801 Washington - Northfield (18 miles)

 Where Can I Find City Utility Billing Information?

  • City requirements prior to the sale of a home/business
  • Water/Sewer Rates
  • Water/Sewer Bills may be dropped off anytime inside the City Drop Box located next to the front door at City Hall, 415 Central Street West.
  • Note:  In an effort to calculate a fair sewer rate for the entire year, the Lonsdale Utility Billing Department averages the first three (3) months of water usage (Jan, Feb, Mar).  The City realizes that residents use more water in the summer for purposes that do not include the water entering the sewer system like lawn irrigation systems, pools, etc.
  • City Utility Billing FAQs