Lonsdale Flag

About The Flag

Lonsdale: 1903 and Beyond

  The circle represents a look back at Lonsdale's past with special recognition to 1903 for our Year of Incorporation.  The train coming out of the circle represents Lonsdale venturing into the future.  The yellow color of the circle represents the relative prosperity, which Lonsdale has experienced in the past and hopes to experience in the future.
  The train represents the fact the early city was founded and built by the railroad, making it very important to the early success and prosperity.  The railroad track does not continue under the train in the design, representing the fact the railroad no longer exists.  The spirit of the railroad, however, is still alive as the locomotive continues to steam forward into the future.  The locomotive now represents the embodiment of Lonsdale.
  The Czech flag represents our heritage.  Lonsdale was founded by and has a storied history to its forefathers, immigrants of present day Czech Republic.
  The white field surrounding the design represents the future.  White is the presence of all color.  With the presence of all color the citizens of Lonsdale are free to create their own picture of the future.

Designed By
David Vikla & Joe Kastner
In 2003