Trenda Memorial Park

General Info


  • 250 Main Street North


  • 10 Acres


Lonsdale has always been a baseball town, and the first 'ballpark' was a pasture west of town owned by Joe Skluzacek.  When the sport's popularity grew, Ben. J. Shimota established a park at the site now know as Trenda Memorial Field.  It is named for John Trenda, the first local casualty of World War I.  A few years after the park was built, Joe Svoboda established the DRS (Dakota-Rice-Scott) League for those over the age of 17, which still going strong today.

The City (Village of Lonsdale) acquired the property from the Lonsdale Community Club in 1935.

Site Amenities / Features

  • Park identification sign
  • Mowed/maintained lawn
  • Play equipment
  • Little league ball field, including bleachers and dugouts
  • Paved trail (2015 Linking Lonsdale Project)
  • Tennis/basketball court (resurfaced 2017)
  • Picnic table and park benches
  • Off-street gravel/compacted millings parking lot
  • Trenda Mem. / DRS (Dakota-Rice-Scott) Field
    • Irrigation system
    • Storage shed
    • Grandstand
    • Accessible spectator viewing area
    • Concession stand
    • Restrooms
    • Dugouts
    • Scoreboard
    • Field lights
    • Batting cage

Future Improvements

  • Install additional trees/landscaping as needed
  • Construct a park shelter
  • Pave the parking lot
  • Replace or renovate the field lighting
  • Renovate the concession stand/restrooms (interior and exterior)
  • Update play equipment as needed