City Code

The Lonsdale Police Department is also responsible for enforcing City ordinances.  A list of City ordinances commonly enforced by the Lonsdale Police Department follows.  This list is only a simplified version of the City code.  A complete copy of the city code is available at City Hall.

Snow Emergency Parking Regulations

The term "Emergency" shall mean any condition upon any public street, including the presence of snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice or other phenomenon, which condition creates or is likely to create any hazardous road condition or impedes or is likely to impede the free movement of traffic.

When such a declaration is declared the following radio stations will be notified, KCHK 1350 AM and KDHL 920 AM to broadcast in cooperation with the city that an emergency exists.  The emergency regulations shall become effective thirty (30) minutes after such notice has been given by the City to such news media.

The City may TICKET vehicles in violation of this policy as authorized by City Ordinance 2005-183.

The City may TOW vehicles in violation of this policy as authorized by City Ordinance 2005-183 and also Minnesota State Statute 169.041.



  • No parking, stopping, standing, or leaving vehicles on city streets at any time until the streets are plowed curb to curb. during snow emergencies (2 inches or more)

  • No parking anytime in the downtown (Main Street North and South) area between 2AM and 6AM


  • Must have a city dog license. Available at City Hall
  • Rabies Immunization tags are required
  • All dogs must be on a leash when off the owners property--waste pickup required
  • Dogs must not disturb the peace, any time, day or night
  • Running at large is prohibited

For information on animal control, go to and 

Public Nuisances: 

  • All motor vehicles on private property must be street legal
  • Must be street operable and have current registration unless in an enclosed building
  • No abandoned appliances, furniture, or refuse on private property


It is unlawful for any person to fire a cannon, gun, pistol or other firearms, firecracker,rocket or other fireworks (exception: fireworks that do not go up in the air or explode), air gun, air rifle, or other similar device commonly referred to as a B-B gun within the city limits.

Do you have a question for the Lonsdale Police Department?  Just call us at 507-744-2300