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Rice County MOD Squad

Savings Lives, Reducing Injuries

MOD-ifying Unsafe Driver Behaviors,

One Traffic Stop at a Time

Coming Soon . . . To A City Near You !



Why should citizens of Rice County care about the Rice County MOD Squad?

Simply put, people are unnecessarily dying and experiencing life changing injuries on our roads in Rice County; so much that from 2005-2007 Rice County made the top 13 list of deadliest counties as a result of impaired driving.  Rice County is ranked the 8th deadliest out of 87 counties – a list we don’t want to be on.  Even if you drive sober, wear your belt, and make safe choices – you can be an innocent victim to other people’s mistakes or poor choices.  All of our family and friends travel on our roads – we all have a vested interest in their safety.


What makes this different than previous efforts?

This is unique because Rice County is one of only 5 counties that have been selected to participate in this project involving increased funding, aggressive law enforcement, high visibility enforcement saturations, and increased public awareness and education.  The Rice County MOD Squad evolved with our Nightcap grant doubling and increased Safe and Sober hour allocations - all agencies are collaborating to maximize our impact throughout 2009.  The other four counties selected for a similar project are: Ramsey, Sherburne, Stearns and St. Louis


Local officers will be traveling outside their communities to pool resources with other agencies to work towards our goal.  For example; Rice County Deputies, State Troopers, and Police officers from Northfield, Dundas, Lonsdale, Morristown work a high visibility saturation in Faribault.  We will be working similarly throughout Rice County.


WHO is the Rice County MOD Squad?

The MOD Squad is a collaborative law enforcement effort involving highly dedicated and motivated Deputies/State Troopers/Officers from seven agencies, including:

  • Rice County Sheriff’s Department
  • Minnesota State Patrol
  • Northfield Police Department
  • Faribault Police Department
  • Dundas Police Department
  • Lonsdale Police Department
  • Morristown Police Department

The MOD Squad is supported by the Office of Traffic Safety and the Rice County Safe Communities Coalition.


What is the MISSION of the Rice County MOD Squad?

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate the public and to aggressively patrol to create high visibility traffic enforcement to MOD-ify unsafe driving; thereby reducing life changing injury and fatal crashes, making our roads safer and driving Rice County towards zero deaths.


U of M Crash Data Analysis findings have shown high visibility saturations decreased fatal alcohol-related crashes.  Creating an overall deterrence would be success.


How is the MOD Squad funded?

The MOD Squad is funded by federal funds from Nightcap (DWI Enforcement) and Safe and Sober grants (DWI, Seat Belt, Speed Enforcement) through the Office of Traffic Safety.  Officers working the MOD squad are in addition to the regular duty officers and they will proactively focus on aggressive traffic enforcement.

How will you know if you saw the MOD Squad?

  • Officers will be wearing highly reflective yellow vests
  • Officers will be handing out business cards listing our mission and the participating agencies
  • During Nightcap DWI enforcement there will be message boards along targeted traffic corridors that say: “Nightcap on Patrol”, “DWI Arrest Zone”
  • Officers will be aggressively patrolling to intercept violations, within and around the targeted corridor
  • MOD Squad Posters will be displayed at local businesses and public buildings


What Can You Do to Improve Your Safety?

The majority of crashes are a result of driver error or poor choices.

Drive Sober

  • Law enforcement can’t stop stopped impaired driving alone.  Everyone plays a role in keeping our roads safe.  Before your holiday party, plan ahead for a safe ride home, and make sure your friends do the same.

Wear your Seat Belt !

  • The single most important thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash is wearing your seat belt.
  • Not wearing your belt creates a high risk for death and increased injury, as well as increased costs of a crash for non-compliance.
  • 50% of fatalities died simply because they were not wearing their belt – and that number is even higher at night, 70%!!

Slow Down

  • Speed is one of the primary contributing factors to crashes
  • Reduce your speed to drive accordingly for existing road and weather conditions
  • Leave early, allow yourself enough time

Pay Attention

  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted when you should be paying attention to driving


How will our success be measured?

Through a combination of:

  • Public awareness and education
  • Dedicated and motivated officers creating high visibility enforcement and making our roads safer by aggressively arresting and removing impaired drivers from our roads.  Over the limit, under arrest - we will be actively searching for you.
  • Drivers planning ahead and responsibly planning for a designated driver or taxi
  • Drivers MOD-ifying unsafe driving behaviors by reducing their speed and buckling up – every ride, every seat, every time
  • Reduction in life changing injury and fatal crashes, with special attention to alcohol related crashes
  • One Traffic Stop at a Time, we are committed to making a difference to create safer roads for the citizens of Rice County


We all share the same roads.  Success includes voluntary compliance from drivers - making safe decisions and taking necessary precautions.     Our goal is to intercept unsafe driving habits and poor choices, so that tragedies with horrible life-changing consequences don’t become a reality for you or your family.