Sticha Park

General Info


  • 515 Industrial Drive SW


  • 15 acres


The Sticha Family purchased the property in 1898 (Family of Ronald J. & Fran Sticha and Leroy & Arline Sticha).  On September 27, 2007,  "Heath Creek Park" (original name) was renamed as Sticha Park in recognition of the previous land owners.  In 1982 the city identified the need for a park on the southeast side of town to accommodate area residents.  At that time, the city was permitted to fill the low area south of Industrial Drive.  In 2005, the site was plated as “Park” along with the Lonsdale Industrial Park 2nd Addition.  In 2015, the old compost site was relocated from Sticha Park to the Rezac Nature Preserve.  Youth soccer was played at Sticha Park until the new Trcka Park soccer fields were constructed.  A Grand Opening / Ribbon Cutting event was held on August 13, 2013.

Site Amenities & Features

  • Park identification sign
  • Mowed/maintained lawn
  • Baseball/softball field
  • Skate Park Coming Soon! (2023)
  • 2 sand volleyball courts (2011)
  • Off-street gravel parking (2011 & 2013)
  • Play equipment (2013)
  • Park shelter (2013)
  • Health Creek Trail (paved trailway along Willow Creek Dr)
  • Heath Creek waterway
  • Wetlands

Future Improvments

  • Construct a paved trail to/from Willow Creek Dr. SE via a bridge over Heath Creek
  • Potential location for Splash Pad
  • Install horseshoe court