Snow in Lonsdale- What You Need to Know

There are several things to keep in mind as a resident or property owner in Lonsdale during the winter and snowy season. 

The following are related to snow plowing and will help you and city plow crews! 

  • Parking Restrictions & Snow Emergencies: No parking is allowed on any City street after a Snow Emergency has been declared until the street has been plowed from curb to curb. 
  • Keep Garbage & Recycling Bins Out of the Street: This is a common one! Place garbage/recycling bins up on the boulevard or in your drive­way (year-round). 
  • Pushing Snow Into Streets is Prohibited: Please deposit snow only on your property or the boulevard area directly in front of your property (MN Statute 160.2715).
  • Help Clear Fire Hydrants: Residents are encouraged to remove snow around fire hydrants near their home so that they are visible and accessible during fire emergencies. 
  • Clear Sidewalks: Snow and ice is required to be removed from sidewalks within 12 hours after a snowfall. Property owners are responsible for sidewalks adjacent to their property. 
  • Shovel Driveway Openings to the Right: Shoveling snow to the right, and not to the left, as you face the street will help lessen the amount of snow that will be deposited in the end of the driveway during the next plowing. Plows cannot avoid pushing snow into driveways as they plow the street. 
  • Keep Play Away From Street: It can be difficult for plow operators to see children and pets playing in these locations.



  • Avoid Frozen Water Pipes: 
  • Remove, drain, and/or store hoses and sprinkler system lines.
  • Water pipes should be insulated.  
  • Shut off outside spigots if you have a valve so they do not freeze.
  • Mailboxes  
  • The face of your mail­box should be behind the back of the curb to allow the plows to get as close to the curb as possible. 
  • Keep snow cleared around your mailbox. 


More Information:

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City Code Chapter 71.03 Parking Regulations

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Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe!